Legacy Hill Caprines

4 year old

4 year old

2x GCH/BOB/BUOB Utah State Fair 2 year old 2 year old udder Yearling Yearling

Legacy Hill Chamois

Goat, Nubian, Sr. Doe (female) | Blond

ADGA# N7251169 | DOB: 2/18/2015 (4 yrs)

*B Saada King’s X

*B Saada King’s X

NubianBuck (male)White
ADGA# N001449919DOB: 3/25/200811 yrs
Sire: +*B Kastdemur’s King of the Hill SS: ++*BBrown Sugar’s Crown Ambassador SD: GCH Lassenwood Miller Kiona 1*M Dam: GCH Saada Lemon Xanado 7*M DS: *B Saada Shalome Al-Akkom DD: GCH Saada Lemon Dimple-Doe 6*M DOB: 03/25/2008 LA: 4-03 EVE 90 King's is a very noticeable buck: white, tall and huge. He does not lack in the strength area of the scorecard. We have loved that strength that he has passed onto his daughters but never sacrificing dairyness. He has been very consistent in excellent mammary systems, take a look at his daughters. His daughter, CH Legacy Hill Elite Lady, was our first permanent champion. We cannot express our gratitude for the influence that King's has had on our herd as our foundation buck. We will always remember him and are thankful for the progeny that we still have. Photos of Saada Lemon Xanado courtesy of Saada Dairy Goats
 ADGA# N001449919 White
Legacy Hill Dynamite

Legacy Hill Dynamite

NubianSr. Doe (female)Frosted Brown; White Poll
ADGA# N1591020DOB: 4/7/20127 yrs
Sire: *B LakeShore TO RocksOn SS: *B LakeShore UF Tanqueray OnRocks SD: GCH LakeShore Mira’s Easter Lily 6*M Dam: Blissberry CC Dawn DS: *B Lakeshore DL Storm Chaser DD: GCH Blissberry Catch Me If You Can 5*M Dynamite blossomed in 2015. The judges have praised her outstanding mammary, general appearance and dairy character. She earned her first GCH leg at the UDGA show in Logan, Utah in July along with RGCH at the UDGA show in Salt Lake City in September. Dynamite appraised VEVE 90 in 2015 We are saddened to announce that Dynamite passed away suddenly in April 2016. We find solace in her four wonderful kids in the herd--one of our herd sires, Orion; Orion's littermate, Chamois, who freshened with the best mammary we have ever seen in a first freshener; and twin doelings from Dynamite's kidding in February, Hazel and Sassafras.
 ADGA# N1591020 Frosted Brown; White Poll
Service Sire:
DKGH Rock It Endeavor

DKGH Rock It Endeavor

NubianBuck (male)Brown; Black Trim
ADGA# N1783006DOB: 3/1/20163 yrs
Sire: DKGH Playboy's Rock It SS: SGCH J&R Spirit's Dakota Playboy SD: SGCH DKGH Enferno's Rose Dam: GCH DKGH Cid's Emmy Eva DS: *B SAADA El-Cid DD: SG DKGH Enferno's Emmy For several years we have become acquainted with and admired Dan & Karla Greene's Greenehaven Nubians--generally from a few places down the line:). At the Boise Show in 2016, we could hardly believe our good fortune when we asked the Greene's about any available bucklings they might have left. They pointed at Rock It Endeavor, whose dam had just gone BDIS and whose sire would later go BBIS. We thought about it for a few seconds...and then loaded him up! Rock It Endeavor connects to our herd's genes on both sides of his pedigree. We intend to find out what he'll bring to Legacy Hill Caprines as quickly as nature will allow. Sincere thanks to the Greene family! Endeavor as a yearling and two year old racked up a lot of Reserve Grand Champions but as a three year old, was able to go 1X Grand Champion and 1X Reserve Champion at the show in Logan, Utah 2019! Endeavor appraised VVV 87 as a yearling
 ADGA# N1783006 Brown; Black Trim

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Sire: +*B Saada King’s X
SS: ++*B Kastdemur’s King of the Hill
SD: GCH Saada Lemon Xanado 7*M

Dam: Legacy Hill Dynamite
DS: *B LakeShore TO RocksOn
DD: Blissberry CC Dawn

With impeccable udders on both sides of her pedigree, we had high hopes for Chamois as we awaited her yearling mammary in April. As you can see from the photos, she did not disappoint. As her dam really matured between her 3rd and 4th season, we excitedly look forward to Chamois' development. She placed 3rd out of about 21 in the udder class at the 2016 Utah State Fair.

Chamois sports one of the best udders that we have seen here at Legacy Hill Caprines. We admire her overall shape of mammary, with great rear and fore udder attachments, showing us ideal teat placement as well. She is a capacious doe with lots of depth of body and excels in strength of bone.

Chamois went 2X GCH (unrestricted GCH legs) and BOB at the 2017 Utah State Fair and UDGA shows. She also placed 2nd in the udder class with 25 Nubians competing overall. Chamois appraised +EVE 86 as a 2-year old.

Endeavor will sire her 2020 kids due mid March.
Kids: $600

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2019 1X Reserve Grand Champion Logan Show
2017 2X Best Udder of Breed Utah State Fair & UDGA Show
2017 2X Grand Champion/Best of Breed Utah State Fair & UDGA Show

Updated 11/25/2019