Legacy Hill Caprines

3 year old

3 year old

3 year old udder 2 year old Yearling 3rd place udder overall Utah State Fair 2017 Yearling Intermediate kid

Legacy Hill Skye

Goat, Nubian, Sr. Doe (female) | Blond

ADGA# N1782607 | DOB: 3/13/2016 (3 yrs)

Goldthwaite Emmer

Goldthwaite Emmer

NubianBuck (male)Black with tan highlights
ADGA# N001640412DOB: 4/2/20136 yrs
We went to a show in Wyoming and had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Goldthwaite Nubian farm. When we were offered Emmer, we just couldn't resist and brought him home with us! We have admired the long and correct body of his dam, Goldthwaite Amaranth, and are excited to incorporate his genetics into our herd. We have loved the improvements that we see in Emmer's kids in dairyness, strength in the front-end assembly and breed character.
 ADGA# N001640412 Black with tan highlights
Legacy Hill Ariah

Legacy Hill Ariah

NubianSr. Doe (female)Blond
ADGA# N1673719DOB: 3/17/20145 yrs
Sire: Saada King’s X +*B SS: ++*B Kastdemur’s King of the Hill SD: GCH Saada Lemon Xanado 7*M Dam: Legacy Hill Georgiana DS: *B LakeShore TO RocksOn DD: CH Legacy Hill Elite Lady Ariah earned her first leg in Logan, Utah in early June 2016. She repeated as GCH, BOB and BUOB at the Utah State Fair in September. She continues to mature nicely. This doe shows tremendous promise. We retained her two doe kids from a triplet kidding. Ariah went GCH at the 2017 UDGA show during the Utah State Fair. She now needs only one GCH leg to become permanent champion. We hope for doe kids from a breeding to Endeavor after two beautiful bucklings in 2017. She appraised V++V 85 as a yearling and VEEE 90 as a 3-year old Endeavor will sire Ariah's 2019 kids--Late April kidding Kids: $475 Reserved Reserve Kids Here
 ADGA# N1673719 Blond

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Skye freshened with a beautiful udder--with improvements in rear udder attachments and overall balance (1/3, 1/3, 1/3).

Skye went 4x 2nd to Phoenix in a competitive yearling class in Logan, Utah in June 2017. Skye appraised ++VV 87 as a yearling.

Skye went RGCH at the spring 2018 show in Logan, Utah. Endeavor will sire her 2019 kids--due early March. Skye freshened with twins, a buckling and a doeling!

Skye really surprised this year as she went 2X first, 1X Grand Champion and 1X Best Doe in Show at the 2019 UDGA show in Logan, Utah! We couldn't be more pleased with how she performed!

GCH +*B Blissberry Bada Bing Bada Boom (AI) will sire Skye's 2020 kids
Kids: $800

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2019 1X Best Doe in Show
2019 1X Grand Champion
2019 1X 1st place

Updated 10/14/2019


First Freshener (female)Cream
Not for Sale
First Freshener (female)2 yrsGolden