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3 year old

3 year old

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Legacy Hill Zephyr

Goat, Nubian, Sr. Doe (female) | Brown; black trim; frosted ears

ADGA# N1782611 | DOB: 4/5/2016 (3 yrs)

Legacy Hill Golden State
Legacy Hill Something Royal

Legacy Hill Something Royal

NubianSr. Doe (female)White
ADGA# N725172DOB: 2/20/20154 yrs
Sire: +*B Saada King’s X SS: ++*B Kastdemur’s King of the Hill SD: GCH Saada Lemon Xanado 7*M Dam: Legacy Hill Scheherazade DS: *B LakeShore TO RocksOn DD: Legacy Hill Duchess Royal appraised +VVV 87 as a 2-year old 2x JGCH & BJDIS in 2015 Royal has continued to mature nicely. She freshened with an extremely well balanced mammary with very high rear attachments and impeccable smoothness of the fore udder. She went 3x 1st and RGCH behind a herd mate in Logan, Utah as a yearling milker. She also went 4x 1st and 2x RGCH at the Utah State Fair. We look forward to this powerful, yet graceful doe. Royal once again showed well in 2017, going RGCH several times behind her herd mates. We love her two daughters, Zephyr (yearling), and Atlanta (senior kid) and hope for more doe kids from a repeat breeding to Endeavor. With great sadness we announce that Royal suffered a fatal injury shortly after kidding quads this spring. Our only consolation comes as we continue with two lovely daughters, Zephyr & Atlanta, and two gorgeous granddaughters, Sparta & Cleopatra. We will miss Royal.
 ADGA# N725172 White
Service Sire:
DKGH Rock It Endeavor

DKGH Rock It Endeavor

NubianBuck (male)Brown; Black Trim
ADGA# N1783006DOB: 3/1/20163 yrs
For several years we have become acquainted with and admired Dan & Karla Greene's Greenehaven Nubians--generally from a few places down the line:). At the Boise Show in 2016, we could hardly believe our good fortune when we asked the Greene's about any available bucklings they might have left. They pointed at Rock It Endeavor, whose dam had just gone BDIS and whose sire would later go BBIS. We thought about it for a few seconds...and then loaded him up! Rock It Endeavor connects to our herd's genes on both sides of his pedigree. We intend to find out what he'll bring to Legacy Hill Caprines as quickly as nature will allow. Sincere thanks to the Greene family! Endeavor's dam, SGCH DKGH Emmy Eva EX92 EEEE, is a gorgeous, capacious doe. She carries a very productive mammary system and we loved watching her in the ring. She placed 8th place in the 4 year old class at the 2015 ADGA national show! His full sister, SGCH DKGH Rockin' Eve, has followed her dam's footsteps scoring an impressive EX92 EEEE and even excelling her dam in the show ring. She went 2nd place 2 year old at the ADGA National Show in 2017 and in 2019, she went 2nd place/1st udder in the 4 year old class! She is the type of animal that we're breeding for and we hope Endeavor can get us there! Endeavor himself is such a majestic buck. He is so long and level with a wonderful front-end assembly and we appreciate his wonderful breed character. As a yearling and two year old racked up a lot of Reserve Grand Champions but as a three year old, was able to go 1X Grand Champion and 1X Reserve Champion at the show in Logan, Utah 2019! Endeavor appraised VVV 87 as a yearling
 ADGA# N1783006 Brown; Black Trim

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Zephyr is the only daughter we have out of our dear Something Royal, who died way too soon. Zephyr was outshined as a kid by her numerous herd mates but as a yearling, she freshened with an udder that convinced us to keep her. Even though she was still smaller framed, we loved the potential we saw. She has a very long, lean neck and is very upstanding.

Zephyr grew tremendously into her 2-year old freshening. Her milk volume nearly doubled, and we retained her daughter (Sparta) who wasted no time showing off in the show ring with 2x JGCH at the spring shows in Logan, Utah. Her other daughter, Desereé, also went JGCH in 2019.

Linear Appraisal:
01-02 84 V+++

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2019 Member of 1st place Dairy Herd Utah State Fair

Updated 1/15/2020


First Freshener (female)2 yrsWhite
First Freshener (female)Under 1 yrBrown with black trim
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First Freshener (female)Brown
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Sr. Doe (female)1 yrLt Brown; White Poll; Frosted Ears
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