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3 year old

3 year old

4 months old

Goldthwaite Emmer

Goat, Nubian, Buck (male) | Black with tan highlights

ADGA# N001640412 | DOB: 4/2/2013 (6 yrs)

*B Goldthwaite Jewellburt
Goldthwaite Amaranth


We went to a show in Wyoming and had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Goldthwaite Nubian farm. When we were offered Emmer, we just couldn't resist and brought him home with us! We have admired the long and correct body of his dam, Goldthwaite Amaranth, and are excited to incorporate his genetics into our herd.

We have loved the improvements that we see in Emmer's kids in dairyness, strength in the front-end assembly and breed character.

Updated 10/11/2019


Sr. Doe (female)4 yrsGolden; frosted ears; white socks
Not for Sale
Sr. Doe (female)3 yrsBlond
Not for Sale