Legacy Hill Brescia

Legacy Hill Brescia


     SS: SGCH DKGH Playboy's Rock It EX91

     DS: SGCH DKGH Cid's Emmy Eva EX92


     DS: Legacy Hill Golden State


DOB: 3-4-19

Legacy Hill Brescia

Brescia looks almost identical to her dam Zephyr when they're shaved. Despite being similar in coloring, we do love the improvements that we see in Brescia. She freshened with a wonderful mammary system, with smooth fore udder attachment and lots of overall rear udder attachment. 

Along with her twin sister, Brescia has grown into one of our most mature yearlings. Lots of capacity for a young doe. We have loved this Zephyr/Endeavor cross! It has produced very correct, growthy does and beautiful mammary systems. 

Legacy Hill Brescia

Pictured as an intermediate kid