Legacy Hill Orion

Legacy Hill Dynamite
Legacy Hill Dynamite

Sire:                                EX90

     SS: ++*B Kastdemur's King of the Hill

(2008 ADGA National Premier Nubian Sire)

     DS: GCH Saada Lemon Xanado 7*M EX91


     DS: *B Lakeshore TO RocksOn

     DD: Blissberry CC Dawn


Linear Appraisal:

02-04 VG88 VEV

Our second home-grown herd sire descends from Legacy Hill Dynamite (VEVE 90) and our original and proven Saada King’s X. Dynamite sports one of the most lovely and well-balanced mammary systems we have seen at Legacy Hill Caprines. We felt that the combination of these two would make a suitable replacement for our beloved King’s X.

Orion's littermate sister Chamois went 2x GCH/BOB and BUOB on the strength of her mammary system. We've loved the strength of bone that he passes onto his daughters and are very excited to see them freshen!

Progeny in Herd:

Legacy Hill Chamois

Littermate Sister:

Saada Lemon Xanado

Paternal Granddam: GCH Saada Lemon Xanado

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