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The Utah State Fair made Scheherazade and Seth movie stars for the 2013 fair.  We felt delighted when the TV ads and billboards culminated in grand champion legs for Elite Lady, Scheherazade, and Shasta--all featured in the TV spot at top.  Scheherazade featured on billboards, buses, and internet.

   Summer 2012 Quinn (then 15) refurbished the Utah State Fairgrounds goat barn--inside and out.

Kidding season makes the rest of the year bearable:)    Gotta love it when you have such productive goats it takes two!
Thanks to great friends with a steel fabrication company, Austin & Dad built the first of several very sturdy milking stands.  One of our first shows made official that for our children, competition ranks second only to kidding season!
 The beginning of our family project--spanning nearly a decade now.

Updated January 06, 2016