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About Us

We are the Argyle Family! We love our dear Nubians and are so happy that you are here to learn more about Legacy Hill Caprines. It all started back in 2004 when our parents Shane and Heidi Argyle had the desire to help us, their children, learn how to work hard, take on responsibility, build character, learn valuable morals and principles, spend precious time together as family, and have fun! The solution? Dairy Goats!!


Legacy Hill Caprines is all about family, goats, and having fun, and it has been just that! As we have worked with these

wonderful four-hoofed creatures, our family has come together through road trips to competitions, enjoying the kids in spring, daily chores, chocolate chip cookies with a cup of fresh goats milk and so much more edifying activities! Needless to say that our goats have changed our lives for good!


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