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The dollars and "sense" of the small, family dairy goat project

What does it really cost to maintain a dairy goat project aimed at sustaining the dairy needs of a family? How much time does it take? What equipment do I need? How much space does it require? I don't mind some setup costs, but how can a small dairy goat herd really cash flow? What values can a dairy goat project impart to my children or grandchildren? I'll endeavor to answer these questions by relating our own family's dairy goat experience over the past decade.

We originally sought a...

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A lot of hot sweat and cold cash invested in project that kept growing

The Utah State Fairpark is a popular place for Boy Scouts looking for an Eagle Scout service project. Fix a few picnic tables. Mend a fence. Do some cleanup.

Fifteen-year-old Quinn Argyle, on the other hand, has spent much of his summer restoring the fair's goat barn -- a project that started big and just kept getting bigger.

His father, Shane, put ...

What a parent (and a goat) can teach a Child

SALT LAKE CITY — Members of the Argyle family are keeping their farming heritage alive, raising dairy goats in their West Jordan backyard as a way to teach their children responsibility and hard work.

Shane Argyle grew up helping his father and grandfather care for the family's pigs and cattle, and for 1...

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