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Purchase Information

You may reserve an animal with a $50 deposit for each goat you wish to purchase.  The remainder of the purchase price pays within 10 days of notification of birth.  With adult does or bucks, the balance pays within 10 days of verbal or written sale agreement or upon pick up as agreed between the parties.  

Pay via PayPal (using the "send money to friends and family" connected to PayPal account) credit card, or make checks payable to Legacy Hill Caprines and mailed to:

5369 Legacy Hill Dr., West Jordan, Utah 84081  

Animals should be shipped by four weeks of age or picked up within 14 days of birth.  Boarding fees apply after that time.  You may pick up at our location, or we will gladly ship your kid from the Salt Lake International Airport. We typically attend a spring show in Boise, Idaho and a summer one in Logan, Utah.  This makes it possible to deliver a kid either en route or at the show. 

We award reservations on a first come, first served basis. If a buyer changes a reservation to a different animal, previous reservations for that same animal take priority. We accept one doe and two buck reservations per doe. We recommend a first and second choice per deposit.  We give preference to first-choice reservations. If we have extra kids born, we will offer them first to customers whose reservations we could not fill.

Legacy Hill Caprines will arrange for health papers and transportation to the Salt Lake International airport.  Buyers shall cover the costs of shipping crates, airfare, required or requested laboratory tests and health certificates.

We reserve the right to retain kids for our herd needs.  If a reserved animal is either not born or is retained by Legacy Hill Caprines, a buyer may move the reservation to another animal or have it refunded in full. No refunds will be made if a buyer cancels an order.

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