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Saada Winsome Janus 1*M

Saada Winsome Janus

Sire: Saada Saadi El Shiraz

     SS: Saada Captain Jamalla

     SD: SGCH Saada Sharm-El-Shiek

Dam: SG Saada Winsome Lady Jaydis EX92

     DS: Saada Winn Some Lad

     DD: SGCH Saada Lady Jamilla EX93

Show Record: 

2012 1X GCH/BOB UDGA Show

2012 1X GCH ISDGA Show

2011 1X RGCH UDGA Show

2008 1X RGCH Montana Fair

Linear Appraisal:

02-03 VG85 +EV+

05-01 EX90 EEEV

Janus has been the most influential doe in our herd. After taking a break from dairy goats for 3 years, we were offered Janus, a daughter and King's X in order to start out our herd. We couldn't have been more pleased than starting off with Janus!


Janus just oozes dairyness. When you get your hands on her, she's open, flat-boned and is complemented by her deep body. She is a very productive doe. We also loved her for her easy composure and sweet personality. She was such an easy goat to love and we still have several does that go back to her. How we miss our dear Janus!

Saada Winsome Janus

2-year-old/1st Freshener

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