Legacy Hill Juno 1*M

Legacy Hill Juno

Pictured as a yearling milker


     SS: SGCH DKGH Playboy's Rock It EX91

     DS: SGCH DKGH Cid's Emmy Eva EX92

Dam: Legacy Hill Gonzaga

     DS: Legacy Hill Roanoke

     DD: Legacy Hill Hazel

DOB: 4-3-2018

Show Results: 

2018 2X JrRGCH

2019 Member of 1st place Get-of-Sire Utah State Fair

2019 1X 1st place

2020 1X GCH Logan, UT Youth Show

Juno definitely was one of our underdogs but when she freshened we couldn't help but keep her! She just excels in dairy strength, such a long, lean neck and showing us that dairy wedge that we want. She has a lot of improvement over her dam, especially with her udder. She has higher attachment in the rear and smoother fore udder attachment. We're anxious to see her with another freshening with more capacity!

Another freshening has helped Juno put herself together. She has maintained her dairy strength and has added more capacity to that mammary system. We love how highly attached it is. 

Progeny in Herd:

Legacy Hill Juno

Pictured as an intermediate kid