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Legacy Hill BR Allegra 3*M

Legacy Hill BR Allegra
Legacy Hill BR Allegra

Pictured as a 2-year-old/2nd freshener

Sire: *B Blissberry SB Bad Reputation

     SS: *B Blissberry Sonic Boom 

     DS: SGCH Blissberry Good Girl Gone Bad 4*M EX91




DOB: 04-07-20

Show Record:

2020 1x Jr Grand Champion

Linear Appraisal:

1-04 GP83 AV+V

Allegra was our youngest doe to earn her dry leg last year and another one that we were eager to see freshen! We are very excited about her mammary system. Lots of udder attachment with a great medial suspensory ligament dividing the halves and great teat placement, shape and size. She is a very stylish doe with great smoothness of blending and is level over the topline. We definitely like what we see with this doe!

Progeny in herd:

Legacy Hill BR Allegra

Pictured as a milking yearling

Legacy Hill BR Allegra

Pictured as a junior kid

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