Legacy Hill Phoenix

Phoenix 3


     SS: CH *B Goldthwaite Jewellburt EX90

     SD: SG Goldthwaite Amaranth 9*M EX90

Dam:                                            EX90

    DS:                                 EX90

    DD:                                         1*M EX90

Legacy Hill Phoenix

Show Record: 

2016- 1X JrGCH Logan Youth Show

2017- GCH Logan Youth Show

2019- 2x 1st 

2019- RGCH UDGA Show

Linear Appraisal:

01-04 VG86 +EEV 

We have high hopes for Phoenix, daughter of our first Legacy Hill Caprines permanent champion, Elite Lady.

Phoenix is an eye-catcher and we have admired her since she was a kid. She was always the biggest of her herdmates and still is. She is a very capacious doe but doesn't sacrifice her dairy strength. She sports a long, lean neck and when you get your hands on her, she is very open in her ribbing. We admire her front-end assembly which blends in smoothly into her long, deep body. She also is very level over the topline and the rump. Phoenix freshened with a lovely mammary and with more rear udder than her dam Elite. We also see improvement in her front end assembly.

Phoenix just keeps getting better with maturity. She's grown beautifully, expressing lots of dairyness with openness in ribbing and she has improved in general appearance and we love seeing her on the move; she walks with such levelness.

Progeny in Herd:

Legacy Hill Phoenix

Pictured as a milking yearling

Legacy Hill Phoenix

First freshening udder

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