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Wingwood Farm Lovin Avantgarde *ELITE*

Wingwood Farm Lovin Avantgarde
Wingwood Farm Lovin Avantgarde

Pictured as a milking yearling

Sire: +*B SGCH Wingwood Farm Lucky Amadeus

     SS: ++*B Woest-Hoeve Royal Fortune

     DS: SGCH Wingwood Farm Tim Aminance 1*M EX92

Dam: SGCH Wingwood Farm Sweet Avina 3*M EX92 *ELITE*

     DS: +*B SG My-Enchanted-Acres LM Candyman EX90 *ELITE*

     DD: SG Wingwood Farm TL Aviva 2*M EX91 *ELITE*

DOB: 3-25-2019

Show Record:

2019 1x Jr Grand Champion

Linear Appraisal:

2-05 VG87 VEVV

Avantgarde is a gorgeous doe with an exciting pedigree. Her dam is the famous Avina from Wingwood Farm who appraised EX92 as a two-year-old and went 1st in her class at the 2019 ADGA National Show. Avantgarde herself is simply beautiful in all areas of the scorecard. She has wonderful general appearance, standing on a strong set of feet and legs and straight across the topline. We admire her dairy strength with her long, lean neck which smoothly blends into her withers. We love the angularity of her rear legs which frames her mammary system. Her mammary is well attached with great fore udder attachment. Avantgarde in her first freshening made the ADGA Elite list and currently lies in the 96th percentile. We are very excited to have this beautiful doe in our herd and can't wait to see her continue to mature. 

Wingwood Farm Lovin Avantgarde

Pictured as an intermediate kid

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