Legacy Hill Clementia

Legacy Hill Clementia

Sire: *B Blissberry SB Bad Reputation

     SS: *B Blissberry Sonic Boom 

     DS: SGCH Blissberry Good Girl Gone Bad 4*M EX91



     DD: Legacy Hill Atlanta

DOB: 4-24-19

First freshening udder

Show Record:

1X Junior Grand Champion

1X Best Junior Doe in Show

Clementia is one of our stylish, eye-catching does due to her flashy coloring and overall correctness. She surprised as a junior kid going Grand Champion and then Best Junior doe in Show at the UDGA show in 2019 at the Utah State Fair! 

This girl has a very smoothly blended front-end assembly and we like the improvements we see over her dam, especially in the mammary system. It is higher and exhibits better rear and fore udder attachment. We're excited to see what another freshening does for Clementia.


Pictured as a junior kid