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Blissberry BB Fiji 6*M

Blissberry BB Fiji
Blissberry BB Fiji

Pictured as a 2-year-old/2nd freshener

Sire: SGCH +*B Blissberry Bada Bing Bada Boom 

     SS: ++*B Wingwood Farm Lucky Tolkien

     SD: SGCH Blissberry Bing Bang Boom 5*M EX92

Dam: GCH Blissberry SM Jamaica 5*M EX92

     SS: GCH ++*B Blissberry Show Me the Money

     SD: Blissberry FM Aruba 4*M

DOB: 4-8-2017

Linear Appraisal:

1-02 GP82 ++E+

2-03 VG88 VVEV

Fiji is another lovely addition to our herd from Blissberry Dairy Goats and so grateful for Dan and Sara for letting her come here! We are very excited to see her continue to grow and see her influence in our herd!


Fiji is such a stylish and elegant doe! Such a long, beautiful neck coupled with smoothness and correctness over the topline. She is BIG! A very long bodied doe. She displays a wonderfully shaped mammary system which is snugly attached and has excellent teat shape and placement. 

Progeny in Herd:

Blissberry Fiji

Pictured as a yearling

Blissberry Fiji

Pictured as a Junior Kid

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