Legacy Hill My Fair Lady

Legacy Hill My Fair Lady
Legacy Hill My Fair Lady


     SS: SGCH DKGH Playboy's Rock It EX91

     DS: SGCH DKGH Cid's Emmy Eva EX92



     DD:                                            EX90

DOB: 2-26-19

My Fair Lady is a repeat breeding of one of our favorite does, Legacy Hill Pandora. Lady did not disappoint when she freshened with a lovely mammary this year. We appreciate her overall balance and tremendous growth and capacity as a yearling. She is one of our strongest yearlings and we look forward to watching her mature as a second freshener. Another stellar Endeavor daughter! 

Lady's 2019 daughter, Legacy Hill Atlas Acacia, has been a standout from among our kid crop, easily becoming one of our favorite doelings this year. We appreciate how consistently strong this damline has been!

Progeny in Herd:

Legacy Hill My Fair Lady

Pictured as a senior kid