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Engylskye BR Nephele

Engylskye BR Nephele
Engylskye BR Nephele

Pictured as a senior kid

Sire: *B Blissberry SB Bad Reputation

     SS: *B Blissberry Sonic Boom 

     DS: SGCH Blissberry Good Girl Gone Bad 4*M EX91



     DD: Legacy Hill Georgiana

DOB: 01-26-20



Linear Appraisal: 

1-07 GP84 +VV+

We are glad to welcome Nephele into our herd, being the daughter of our herd queen, Legacy Hill Ariah. She is immature and still needs to grow but we are very pleased with how she freshened. Her udder is very promising with great rear udder attachment and great teat size, shape and placement.

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