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Legacy Hill VB Vanuatu

Legacy Hill VB Vanuatu
Legacy Hill VB Vanuatu

Pictured as a yearling milker


     SS: *B Blissberry RH Vallawho

     DS: Blissberry Bad As I Wanna Be 5*M


     DS: SGCH +*B Blissberry Bada Bing Bada Boom 

     DD: GCH Blissberry SM Jamaica 5*M EX92

DOB: 3-30-21

Vanuatu is a lovely yearling. She has some very nice parts but needs some time to put everything together. We love her length of neck and body and we're pleased with how she freshened. Her mammary has a nice shape to it and she has nicely shaped teats with nearly ideal placement. 


Pictured as an intermediate kid

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