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Legacy Hill AB Aurora


Pictured as a junior kid


     SS: *B SG My-Enchanted-Acres LM Candyman EX90

     DS: SGCH Wingwood Farm Lovin Abraxis 2*M EX91




DOB: 04-03-22

Show Record:

1x Jr. Grand Champion

Aurora was a single kid born and we were very grateful it was a doe out of our permanent champion, Aura! We appreciate the improvement in dairyness: longer bone pattern throughout and very sharp. We appreciate her length of neck, sharp withers and angularity of her rear legs. As a junior kid, she earned her dry leg at the Utah State Fair with some strong competition. We are very excited about her mammary system. It's highly attached and we like her fore udder attachment. She has a well-defined medial suspensory ligament with teats ideal in shape and size. 

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