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Legacy Hill Miss Independent

Legacy Hill Miss Independent
Legacy Hill Miss Independent

Pictured as a yearling milker


     SS: *B Blissberry AC Vision

     DS: SGCH Redwood Hills Atlas Topaz 9*M EX91




DOB: 3-30-22

Show Record:

1x Jr. Grand Champion 

1x Best Junior Doe in Show

Indy has stuck out to us since she was born. Her overall length of body, levelness across the topline, depth of barrel, she has a lot of exciting things about her. We love her dairy strength- openness of ribbing, pliability of her skin and length of neck. She stands on a set of strong feet and legs with great angularity of hind legs. She earned her dry leg and went BDIS! 


Indy had a rough start as a milker, freshening with a single DOA buck kid which resulted in coming into little milk. However, we kept milking her twice a day and her mammary system has continued to develop and impress us. We like the rear and fore udder attachment and the perfectly set teats, ideal in shape and size. We are very excited to see her next year and hope she has a smooth and normal kidding. 


Pictured as an intermediate kid

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