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*B Redwood Hills Vision of Tomorrow

SGCH Redwood Hills Atlas Topaz
SGCH Redwood Hills Atlas Topaz


SGCH Redwood Hills Atlas Topaz 9*M EX91

Redwood Hills Vision Tanzanite
Redwood Hills Vision Tanzanite

Full Sister

GCH (pend) Redwood Hills Vision Tanzanite VG88 (FF)

Sire: *B Blissberry AC Vision

     SS: *B Wingwood Farm CM Atticus

     SD: SGCH Blissberry RH Vallelujah 7*M EX93

Dam: SGCH Redwood Hills Atlas Topaz 9*M EX91

     DS: SG +*B Wingwood Farm TL Atlas

     DD: SGCH Redwood Hills MC Talasi 8*M EX91

We are very excited to be able to lease this guy and use him in our breeding program. A big thanks to Veronica Smith with Engylskye Dairy Goats for this opportunity! 

Big Red, as we call him, is a nice combination of genetics that we are already working with. Top Shelf, Absolom, Amen Brutha and Rockwell all tie in with Vision's pedigree and we're excited to see how they mesh! 


We absolutely admire his dam, Topaz. She is long, level, has wonderful depth throughout and on top of that, a beautiful, productive mammary system. She has so many desirable qualities! As a two-year-old/first freshener, she scored the highest score possible, VG89 and went on to place 2nd place/2nd udder in her class at the 2019 ADGA National Show! We feel fortunate enough to have her littermate brother, Top Shelf, in our herd and to now have access to her son as well is the cherry on top. His full sister, Redwood Hills Vision Tanzanite, freshened with a beautifully attached mammary. She is a gorgeous doe who excels in general appearance and is a promising young package! 

His sire is an exciting combination of genetics. His dam, Vallelujah, needs no introduction. She has done what few does have. Being named the Total Performer at both the 2019 and 2021 ADGA National Show and appraising EX93 twice, she is the epitome of what a dairy goat should look like! Vision's littermate sister, Holy Smokes, is a beautiful and promising young doe. As a first freshener, she appraised VG89 (EEEE)! You don't see that very often! She is very elegant. She sports a beautiful and long neck and she is level over the topline. Her mammary is breathtaking with excellent rear udder attachment and a very smooth fore udder. Atticus has also sired some other beautiful daughters in the Blissberry herd: Viva La Sueño and Always & Forever, who also appraised VG89 as first fresheners!

Red will see plenty of action this fall and we can't wait to meet his kids in 2022! 

Blissberry Holy Smokes

Sire's littermate sister

Blissberry Holy Smokes 8*M EX92

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